we are an agency that communicates inclusion, diversity and sustainability in practice.

More than experiences, we create memories that connect companies, people and brands. They can be events, campaigns, activations and whatever else the imagination allows. Being inclusive, diverse and sustainable is also in the DNA of MCM Brand Experience .

For this to happen in practice, we invest in certifications that add to our purposes. They are used to direct projects, influencing good execution practices. Among them, the Certified Women's Business Enterprise, UN Commitment, Integrare, EcoVadis and LGBTI + Companies Forum certificates, valid and internationally recognized.


What are the objectives

of development

sustainable development?

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established by the United Nations (UN) in 2015 and comprise a global agenda for the construction and implementation of public policies that aim to guide humanity until 2030.

The agenda has an international action plan to reach the 17 SDGs, which address several fundamental themes for human development, from five perspectives: people, planet, prosperity, partnership and peace. At MCM Brand Experience , we adopted 11 themes that are part of our daily work:

We are a family owned and operated business.





quality and




of gender


Clean and affordable energy


Decent work and economic growth

Incentivar a inovação no setor de eventos trazendo novas tecnologias para o Brasil, impactando clientes e ecossistema empresarial. Usando experiências com realidade aumentada e programação de plataformas exclusivas para clientes.


Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Fomentar a intersecção de ecossistemas e redes de negócios inclusivos. Ofertando oportunidades, empoderando e promovendo a inclusão social. A partir da avaliação de fornecedores internos

e externos, prover possibilidades de desenvolvimento de quem está no time.


Reducing inequalities

Fortalecer esforços para proteger e salvaguardar o patrimônio cultural e natural do mundo. Reduzir o impacto ambiental negativo per capita das cidades, inclusive prestando especial atenção à qualidade do ar. Na agência, prever cuidados de preservação em áreas de projetos, treinamento do time envolvido.


Sustainable cities and communities


Responsible consumption and production

Reduzir substancialmente a geração de resíduos por meio da prevenção, redução, reciclagem e reuso.

Incentivar as empresas, a adotar práticas sustentáveis e a integrar informações de sustentabilidade em seu ciclo de relatórios. Otimizando a cadeia logística e diminuição de resíduos nos projetos.


Peace, justice and effective institutions

Reduzir a corrupção e o suborno em todas as suas formas. Desenvolver instituições eficazes, responsáveis e transparentes em todos os níveis. Garantindo a tomada de decisão responsiva, inclusiva, participativa e representativa em todos os níveis.


EcoVadis aims to develop social responsibility practices based on its influence on global supply chains. It operates a collaborative platform that allows companies to monitor their suppliers' sustainable development performance in 150 sectors and 110 countries. Its tools facilitate risk management and encourage the use of innovations in its global supply chains.

Since 1999, Integrare believes that the purchasing areas of large companies are not only seen as support, but as process leaders. It works to create mutually beneficial relationships between minority suppliers and large corporations. Ethics, social responsibility, inclusion, sustainable development, diversity and efficiency are the values that permeate the NGO's work.

With meetings for the business community, LGBTI +, governments, UN bodies, among many others, it keeps the dialogue and cooperation between companies alive so that they can reach the fulfillment of the 10 proposed commitments . This initiative expresses an understanding of the role of companies, offers a work agenda for everyone and qualifies the demand in the relationship with the State and Civil Society.

UN Women was created in 2010 to unite, strengthen and expand global efforts in defense of women's human rights. Empowering and promoting gender equity in all social and economic activities are guarantees for the effective strengthening and boosting of businesses, the improvement of the quality of life of women, men and children, and for sustainable development.

It is an institution present on the five continents and represented in the largest capitals in the world, which seeks gender equality and supports diversity of inclusion, identifying companies that are owned or managed mostly by women, publicizing their work, and enabling them to have the same business opportunities as men, so that they are prosperous and guarantee the sustainability of the communities where they operate.